2018 Crypto's "Loss Vegas" Limited Edition Super Epic Version

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40x80 or 20x40 inch printed on lightweight aluminum super high gloss/quality print to capture the tumultuous 2018 year in crypto. A print quality so advanced you're almost looking at a mirror. Spent months trying to figure out how to get this sort of result.

This means a lot to me. It's loaded with all of my comic collaborations (which I will be putting on the blockchain as digital collectibles so you can learn the full story), and events that happened through out 2018. Big names combined with well known crypto traders. Carlos Matos, Jihan Wu, Satoshi Nakamoto, Nouriel Roubini, John McAfee, Warren Buffet, JP Morgan, Andreas Antonopolous, OJ Simpson, Notorious BIG, Kanye West, Christopher Walken, DOGE! Good LAWDY! There is over 100 characters you will want to know.

I will only make one hundred of these with FULL color in a two different variations of this high quality aluminum print. The Big Daddy size(40x80), and the Step Daddy size (20x40).

It's shipped Freight and complicated to get out of the United States with customs etc. so please email me directly bitbanditbrand@gmail.com so we can discuss it if you're interested getting this outside of the US. I'd like to disclose all costs so nobody is disappointed.

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