Animation Project.

An adult-humor Cryptocurrency Animation you say? You read that right. By simply purchasing something, you're helping fund KryptiCrooks The Animation Series.

I have released four Crypto animations on my YouTube channel, but have since realized it is not the right path for me to take at the moment. Spending 3 weeks in this fast moving space to find any minute possible in order create an episode which I didn't get enough time to ensure the writing is top of the line... only for it not to be seen without an audience... is tough. Therefore, in order to build a following I've switched to doing kick ass Blockchain satire comics which I WILL have time to tackle all the cryptospace in a timely manner. 5 a week. It's more of a feasible plan for a one man team.

...But my dream is to turn this into a full Crypto animation production...

My name is Gianni Secchi, and nothing would make me happier than to have the freedom to work on this 24 hours a day alongside a team. If anybody is familiar with animation, you know that will 100% be necessary to put out a good product. A good product is all I'm interested in. Alongside a friend from college who might be the funniest bastard I've ever met; I'm confident we can put together a gut busting series about the stuff that you and I love.  

That being said, the hard truth is; money will be the key to making this.  I'm I'm not a fan of asking for money so I decided I should give back value in return. A few months later, a successful Reddit post, and a lot of hours on Photoshop/Illustrator this store is up. Hopefully, you guys can find something of true value in return for me to take the next step. I truly am grateful you're here.

Well, costs get demanding if it's going to be the production I'm aiming for. Equipment/Team. Designers - To release a GOOD weekly animated short it will simply require help which I'll have to hire a team. I would need a little bit to live as well (Not much!... Maybe some to throw at Wanchain/Icon). Studio time. Getting into the booth and recording good quality sound, foley etc. is important to create an awesome series. To be awesome, I also need access to a professional Audio Engineer. I've been doing pretty well myself and think I could do the audio; however I've never worked with a professional Engineer. He/She would probably blow me out of the water. Travel. I am the least bit excessive in my life, and haven't traveled in ages so this was a hard pill for me to swallow. I must travel to Kansas City OCCASIONALLY(hopefully Carlo the Spazknock it out in a few trips) to make this happen. I know a lot of people over my years however there is NOBODY I would do this with other than my college friend. We've talked about it, and the guy has been blessed with the skill to make any age group pee their pants from laughter. A humor that is elegant, clever, sarcastic, dry, never distasteful and fits no boundaries. The guy is simply funnier than me, and I'm not sure how that's possible. All Hands on Deck. To make these animations smooth as well as a professional result, it's simply an insane amount of work. I'd like to budget to pay some incredible artists out there to help me dive in. To be honest, I don't think I am that artistic. It takes me longer than some brilliant artists to get the lines right, so I am sort of a burden there. That's why I'd like to recruit troops, and make this something memorable for all of us early crypto adopters. 

(If you are a GOOD artist who knows the fundamentals of Adobe Animate (preferably), Maya, Blender, or you use another program in Animation; and want to work on this project send me an email Subject : Animation Job Inquiry)

Gianni, you're a crypto store. Why aren't you accepting Crypto? I don't carry any inventory. I use a third party printing service. I'm not exactly sure how to accept transactions through a third party with Crypto but I would love to. I feel like a cop-out saying that, but hopefully that will reinforce the idea that execution of this series is my highest priority. If you don't like that answer, have a solution; by all means send me an email. I'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to see something or have suggestions send me an email too.

Ultimately my goal is to spread awareness about cryptocurrency. The faster Crypto gains awareness, the faster the digits on that Blockfolio app you've downloaded gets fatter. Purchasing things online requires quite a bit of trust, and I believe I am doing the best I can to build that trust with hopefully great stuff that supports a cool cause. I truly thank you in advance as you browse my store. If you don't want to buy anything that's ok, I'd still love you if you told some Crypto homies about this, or followed me on social media Instagram (@KryptiCrooks) Twitter (@KryptiCrooks) FB (@KryptiCrooks) Reddit /r/KryptiCrooks

💋 ❤️ -Gianni ❤️ 💋

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